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My Top 3 Games for Pawsome Loose Leash Walking

Hey there, Humums and Hudads! Tired of walking a dog on a pole during your walks? Stress not, because at Little Angels Dog Training, I’ve got your back – and your leash! I’ve fetched the top three games to turn your leash-pulling pup into a loose leash legend. Let’s dive into the doggy Olympics of walking etiquette!

A loose leash should look like a ‘J’ from the point of attachment to the dog to your hand. The image I’ve put with this post is a great example of a nice ‘J’ shaped loose leash. This is the gold medal of the doggy Olympics and it’s not as hard to achieve as you might think. Let’s get started!

Game 1: Orientation Game – Because Who Doesn’t Love a Good Map Quest?

Picture this: you’re out for a stroll, and your furry friend is tugging you in every direction except where you want to go. Frustrating, right? Well, enter the Orientation Game – your secret weapon against leash tug-of-war.

This game is all about your dog wanting to keep you in their sights. It’s like having your own personal canine GPS! Encourage your pup to glance back at you by rewarding them with treats and praise when they check in. The moment that Fido orients back to you then mark with your marker word and reward. It’s a win-win – they get their fix of “where’s my hooman” and you get a pull-free walk. Who said navigating the streets couldn’t be a bonding experience?

Game 2: Give In To Leash Pressure – Because Resistance is Futile!

We all know the classic tale of Newton’s Third Law – for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Well, dogs have their version too, and it’s called the opposition reflex. It’s like Fido is a Push Me, Pull You, and we’re turning it into a game so that it becomes a whole lot of fun!

Give In To Leash Pressure is the rebellious game where your dog learns that giving in is actually pretty cool. When they feel that the leash is taught, instead of yanking back, they learn to turn around and come back to you. Let Fido go to the full extent of the leash then call them. The moment that they release the pressure on the leash then mark and reward. It’s like teaching them the fine art of compromise – who knew your dog could be so diplomatic? Loose leash walking just became a negotiation, and your dog is the smooth-talking diplomat. Paired with Orientation Game, Give In to Leash Pressure will have your pooch wanting to be closer to you than ever.

Game 3: Boop The Snoot – Because Who Can Resist a Nose Target?

Last but not least, we have the adorable Boop The Snoot game. This is frequently the most notable game in Puppy Academy with nearly every student falling in love with it. The song of “Boop” rings through my classes as hoomans see the delight it brings to their pups. Imagine this: your dog’s nose becomes a precision instrument, navigating the world while keeping that leash slack. How? By training them to target your hand with their snoot!

Turn walking into a game of precision and reward by encouraging your pup to boop your hand with their nose. Every successful boop is a mini celebration – treats, pets, and maybe even a victory dance (pawsitively encouraged – if you’re not having fun training then you’re not doing it right). Suddenly, your dog isn’t just walking; they’re on a quest to master the art of snoot-booping, and you’re the benevolent guide. Boop The Snoot becomes your safety button to turn walks into the pleasant strolls you always dreamed of. You’ll be the envy of every other pawrent on the walking path.

These three games will turn your leash-pulling struggles into triumphs. With the Orientation Game (Absolute Dogs), Give In To Leash Pressure (Absolute Dogs), and Boop The Snoot in your arsenal, every walk becomes a joyous adventure. Who says teaching your pup manners can’t be pawsitively fun? Get ready to strut the streets with your loose leash wizard by your side!

Game On! Let’s Play!


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